I'm New And...

... I  would like to learn more about this church.
While our website provides a lot of information, we are a people-oriented church, please feel free to pickup the phone and call us at (804.556.5700) or e-mail us at Friends@VictoryChristian.Church.  We would love to take the time answer any questions you have.  We’re here to serve you.
... I need spiritual help.
You are not alone!  Every person on God’s Earth needs spiritual help.  We encourage you to seek out the spiritual help you need at a Bible believing Church.  Contact us directly and we’ll do what we can to provide or connect you with the help you need.
... I need find the right church for my family.
There are 50 churches in Goochland County. Let us help you find a church that suits your needs.
... I need someone to pray with me.
It would be our honor to pray with you.  Please call 804.556.5700 or send us an e-mail at Friends@VictoryChristian.Church